Tweasure Hunt 2013

At 5 o’ clock last Tuesday evening, all Digital Media students gathered in the in CSG-001 for the infamous and somewhat anticipated (and what Alan believed to be a clever/embarrassing play on words) “Tweasure Hunt”. Intended to be an interesting activity for all the students involved, the clever idea of the Tweasure hunt essentially kills two birds with one stone as on one hand it familiarizes new students with the UL campus and on the other it introduced social media novices (which I have to assume was a clear minority) to the world of Twitter. The idea was that all students from ‘Digital Media Design’, ‘Music, Media and Performance Technology’ and ‘New Media and English’ would come together and be split into groups then sent off around campus with a map and a set of clues, trying to find certain landmarks around campus and once finding the clue, tweeting the keyword found there along with the designated hash-tag for the group ‘#ixdm13’. I applaud the idea of the ‘Tweasure Hunt’ as I think it is an excellent way of introducing students to Twitter and encourages them to explore UL’s vast campus while also forcing them to interact with others in their group. If I had one complaint or could point out one slight glitch in the plan it would be trying to get everyone to get into their groups at the beginning in that small lecture room, where no other word could describe it but chaos. People just stood up and tried to find group members and if they were anything like me, they didn’t know what they looked like or if they even bothered to show up after all. All I knew were the names of the people in my group (all boys barring myself) and what courses they were doing. However, as luck would have it, after 10 minutes of looking sheepishly around the room and standing on the tips of my toes looking at others who were equally as lost and confused, I found my first team member shouting ‘Group Five’ over the crowd and funnily enough, we all came together almost immediately from there. IMG_4245 Armed with our map and a list of clues, we set off from CSG-001 with probably not the best mind set which was ‘Let’s do this as quickly as possible so we can go home and eat’. We introduced ourselves to each-other and found out what our different courses involved. Being the only girl and the only one doing Digital Media Design, I initially felt slightly left out but it didn’t really make a difference. Talking to the lads, everyone seemed to be enjoying their course and not, at least, regretting the decision they made CAO day, unlike a few unfortunate others I had met. I felt that we worked well as a team, and that I never had to get exasperated with them or yell ‘YOU’RE GOING THE WRONG WAY” (well to be honest, we were all as lost as each other) and I was glad that the lads agreed to follow the clues logically, and planned which routes we would take efficiently, deciding where we would go before we set off. Finding the first clue in the Library was our only real obstacle as were confused between different floors and misleading shouts that the sign had been stolen, only to find it high up on a shelf on the first floor. We took a picture of the yellow sign that held the keyword ‘good reads.’

Clue No. 1 in the Glucksman Library
Clue No. 1 in the Glucksman Library

After that we didn’t really have trouble finding any of the other clues if you don’t count failing to find the keywords at the Medical Centre and Starbucks due to unsporting sign stealers.

 We managed to find all the other clues fairly easy enough, even within the labyrinth that is the Main Building.  Finishing at the Sports Building and National Coaching and Training Centre (initially mistaking that clue to be the gym) we managed to complete the Tweasure Hunt in just under an hour.
Seeing as we finished in a very reasonable time and discovered later that we were one of the few groups that were successful and stuck it to the end, we were pretty malcontent to find a serious lack of treasure for our efforts. Oh well. Good job guys.

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