Reflection On How My Group Worked Together For Our Digital Media Assignment

As group 5 we were given Fanning’s Castle as part of Limerick’s City of Culture 2014. I was happy with my group overall and I felt that we worked together quite well as a team. I will admit that it was very complex and often problematic trying to coordinate meeting up and deciding how to organise ourselves with regards to writing the article while we had conflicting schedules.

I made the first initial contact by finding the my group members’ student IDs on the lab sheet of groups we were given and emailing them. But I didn’t have high hopes for them seeing the email (and rightly so) as many students rarely check their student email so there was little chance of them seeing my message.

The more efficient means of contacting them were through the social networks Facebook and Twitter (and I knew Twitter was a safe bet because having an account is a compulsory part of our module). I initially had trouble finding them on Facebook, but once one member of our group found me, he managed to find everyone else and so after about a week or so, we were all friends on Facebook. From this we set up a Facebook chat and whenever we had an item to share, or times of meeting up to discuss, we went there.

On the 8th of October our Digital Media lecture at 5-6 was cancelled to encourage us to use that time for going into the city and taking pictures, but various evening activities prevented us from going into town at this designated time. During the week we kept trying and failing to find times that suited all four of us to head into the city so the following week, myself and only one other team member met up in Limerick city just so we wouldn’t leave it too late. The remaining two apologised for this little setback but it was ok because they contributed in other ways and at the end of the day, we got our pictures, video and sound files etc, of Fanning’s Castle, which I shared on Facebook message. I took the pictures on my phone and from my phone so it took only seconds to post them into the Facebook chat.

Other times we had made conversation were after or before lectures and labs in the modules we share. As well as the Digital Media module, I shared Sociology with the New Media students and Maths and Media Processing with the MMPT students. However these meetings were always brief because we always had places to go and funnily enough, during the Digital Media labs themselves, I never saw my group members. (I put this down to people attending labs they weren’t assigned in order to achieve a better schedule, so seats we always taken up 10 minutes before the labs even started).

Overall I felt we worked very well as a team, even if very often it was hard to get responses from people and we went days at a time without communicating. I would put the Facebook chat down to being the most efficient means of organising ourselves and I found it very useful and essentially had everything we needed. Once we were clear on how to edit the Wiki article we were sorted. I’d like to thank my group members for their hard work and cooperation on the project as working with a team to reach a deadline is not an easy task. Well done lads 🙂


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