Things in this world that are pretty great

1). Garlic pizza bread

2). Baby shoes and how impossibly small and cute they are.

3). When a bus driver passes another bus driver and they wave at each other like some bus driver code.

4). September by Earth Wind and Fire

5). Seeing a dog tied up outside the shop and making friends with it.

6). The Shrek soundtrack

7). Planning a Halloween costume.

8). Putting on new socks (bonus if they’re fluffy).

9). Getting real cosy in your bed and making a cocoon out of your duvet.

10). How naturally colourful and beautiful the outside is in autumn.

11). Breakfast buffets (especially ones with waffle stations).

12). Baby goats in pyjamas.

13). The word couscous. It’s just so fun to say. Couscous. Couscous. Heehee

14). Sudocrem. There’s never a bad time to be grateful for Sudocrem.

15). Cutting toast into soldiers.

16). Space Jam and the fact that its website hasn’t changed since 1996.

17). Getting to Lidl just as they’re putting stuff into the bakery straight from the oven.

18). Guide dogs

19). When children tell you their exact age in years and months.

20). The fact that otters hold hands when they sleep so they don’t drift apart.

21). Having your hair played with (or head massages if you’re bald)

22). Having an excuse to buy new shoes.

23). Hammocks

24). Videos of puppies and babies being friends.

25). Eating cereal at weird times of the day.

26). The website where you donate free rice to people by playing games.

27). Bikes. Bikes are so great I would turn this into a bike appreciation post if I could. They get you places so quickly, they cost nothing to run and it’s like free exercise. Bikes don’t get enough love let’s hear it for bikes.

28). Buying marshmallows just put them in hot chocolate.

29). Buying marshmallows just to roast them over a fire.

30). Perfectly double bouncing someone on a trampoline.

31). That feeling of renewed happiness you get when you’re watching Series Of Unfortunate Events because you forgot Meryl Streep is in it.

32). When the music you’re listening to is perfectly timed to your walk.

33). When you go to the shop for one specific thing and it’s on special offer.

34). The little gold strip of plastic on Kinder Buenos that makes them really easy to open for immediate consumption.

35). The fact that Green Eggs and Ham only exists coz Dr Seuss wrote it to win a bet against his publisher which was that you can’t write a book with less than 50 words. What a jammy bastard, love it.

36). When people offer you food, then tell you to finish it altogether.

37). Animals that resemble celebrities. This is my personal favourite.

38). Cows having best friends. I don’t know how science figured this out but I love the idea of them gossiping in moos.

39). Those Slide The City things. We live in an age where you can ride a waterslide the length of a whole city. How beautiful is that.

40). Drunk girls complimenting other drunk girls in nightclub bathrooms. I just love that we have this instinct to tell girls we don’t know how beautiful they are and that the lad who won’t shift them is a dick.

41). Usain Bolt’s name. He’s the fastest guy in the world and his ACTUAL NAME is Bolt. This isn’t talked about half as much as it is.

42). John Cena breaking through a fake wall to surprise his super fans

43). How versatile eggs are.

44). How versatile potatoes are.

45) The like to dislike ratio on the Neutral Response video on Youtube.

46). Firefighters doing CPR on the lil’ kittens they save from house fires.

47) When you stop and think about how INSANE caterpillars turning into butterflies is. THINK ABOUT IT. They’re just wriggly little hairy guys then next thing they know they’re super beautiful and can fly and shit. Like, do you think when they go into their cocoon they actually know what’s gonna happen to them? Or do they just think they’re going to sleep and next it’s like oh my GOD what the fuck is happening. Wild.

48). Dogs breaking Guinness World Records for doing human things

49). Saying ‘bless you’ to people when they sneeze. I know it originates from back in the plague days where people would say it coz they thought you were gonna die if you sneezed but it’s gas that we still do it. Now it’s just this really weird polite thing we all do, even with people we don’t know that well it’s amazing.

50). The actors who voiced Mickey and Minnie Mouse being married in real life.

51). The sudden and rapid rise of doughnut shops.

52). When the lads from Star Wars appeared on an episode of Sesame Street and R2D2 fell in love with a fire hydrant.

53). Being able to make literally anything look pretty by draping fairy lights on it.

54). There’s a school for deaf children in America and their nickname is Leopards. THE DEAF LEOPARDS.

55). That happy feeling you get when someone suggests getting a takeaway.

56). Dolphins trying to rescue humans if they see them drowning. How sound are dolphins like.

57). When you buy new clothes and you look really good in them.

58). That scene in Shrek 2 where Shrek and the boys storm the castle to Jennifer Saunders singing I Need A Hero. Goosebumps, honestly.

59). When you’re completely alone and allowed to sing as loud as you want.

60). Jeff Goldblum

61). Videos of people surprising their mammys when they come home early from foreign countries. You can pretend that you get sick of the absolute abundance of them on Facebook at Christmastime but you can’t deny that they are the loveliest.

62). The look on someone’s face when you get them a present that’s perfect for them.

63). Someone making you a cup of tea when you need it most.



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