Making A Step Sequencer – Interactive Multimedia Assignment

The project I undertook for this module was to develop a step sequencer using a basic code our lecturer provided us with.  A step sequencer is a piece of software developed for playing repeating patterns in a beat. It can record, edit and playback music through a number of different channels. The simple code that was given to us by our lecturer looked like this when the programme was run.


It’s 8 channels with 16 steps and once the sequencer was played the vertical line would sweep across the steps and play the selected channels. It was our goal then to build on the sequencer given to us, come up with our own design and create a theme. We were given inspiration from previous projects to see what other people have done with it in the past.




After (far too) much deliberation I finally came to decision to make a children’s themed sequencer. You know kids and their step sequencers. I created a farmhouse graphic in Photoshop and placed the code for the step sequencer over it.


I had 8 channels to each represent a different farm animal noise, a volume slider for each channel, a master volume slider and a knob to control the tempo. Then additional mouse click buttons to play/pause the sequence, restart and exit. When the programme ran it looked something like this:

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 10.28.53.png

You can imagine what it sounds like when the program runs and several different farm animals are screaming at you at once, but it was really fun to make and I was very happy with the end product.


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